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Cemre Gümeli as the leading Female actor in Barbaroslar Series

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Cemre Gümeli as the leading Female actor in Barbaroslar Series

Kurulus Osman Episode Summary

In Kurulus Osman Episode 104, And a new face was brought forth as Turgut Alp. In the beginning, it was no less than a big shock for everyone then slowly everyone realized that they had to accept it. After a period of time, this Targut Bey managed to make a place in the hearts of many fans but even today everyone feels that the old Turgut Alp should be brought back. Everything is incomplete without him. Note that this is not possible now. Historical characters cannot be played with again and again.

Kurulus Osman Episode 104 KayiFamily

Now all the historical achievements named after Turgut Alp will be shown through Turgut Bey and the old Turgut Alp will never be part of the Kurulus Osman series. Everyone has to accept this fact with a stone on their heart. Now in the series where there are many enemies, So many traitors will be seen there. The Byzantine governors and commanders on one side and the Catalani and Mongol hordes on the other will not be left behind. In such a situation, Osman Bey who will emerge as the greatest leader of the Turks at that time. He will have to face many difficulties where he will be fighting in the battlefield with many enemies.

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He will also have to face some Turkish differences. He had tried so hard to unite all the tribes so far which was quite successful. But we have seen every season that whatever new tribe comes up. He appears initially against Osman Bey but soon he gets impressed by Osman Bey’s intentions and bravery. But what a dangerous turn that would be where a Turkish tribe is going to stand against a strong empire. The Ottomans would also have to face a Turkish rival and they are none other than the rebel tribes of Anatolia, Germiyanoğulları and Karamanoğulları.

Earlier we have come to know in the series that these same tribes were also against the Seljuk state. Even in the absence of the sultan, they stormed the Konya palace. They are going to show the same obstinacy in front of the Ottomans. We got an idea of ​​this from the character of Gungor Bey which was brought up in the last season. And he was against Osman Bey. Now Gongor Bey will come out in the new season and also Germiyanogullari will also become a part of the series. It should be remembered that this tribe will not join Osman Bey as soon as other tribes.

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