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In Kurulus Osman Episode 138, When Mohammad Bey, Rehan Ghazi, and the other savages are freed from their cage, Master Lewis and the fort’s commander begin stoning both of them and the other Christians. When Muhammad Bey and Rehan Ghazi submit to Subhan Allah, he threatens to beat them telling them that they must bow down to him.

Osman Sahib was instructed to cease all of these actions and inform the fort commander of what he desired in return for them, as he was scheduled to meet with the commander by order. He declares that he will go to Lefke Fort in Syria to retrieve the fort’s keys to return the forts that Osman Bey and Yaqub Bey currently occupy.

Businessman Ayaz is secretly observing this entire master-level adventure. Noor Bey then departs from there. Yakube and Usman can be heard discussing their kids and their upbringing from childhood to adulthood. Additionally, Yakube.

They get a little resentful of each other after talking like this. They arrive and inform us that the commander wants the forts we have taken in return for princes. Usman Bey is incensed and asks how we can do this, but Yaqub Bey asserts that I am his.

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We can retake the forts, but we cannot reclaim the sons, so I will abide by your demands. However, Usman Bey asserts that it will be Allah’s will that we bring our children back. Once more, it shifts, and Master Lewis is seen telling Commander Kurama Nous, “I’m going to take everything from you, including your lives.”

Kurulus Osman Episode 138 Release Date is 29th November 2023

After it happened, they claimed that the traitor was very close to us. They search every soldier after the fort’s gates are closed, but they are unable to locate the traitor. As a result, they show us Alauddin Bey and Gunja Khatun Qasim. Alauddin Bey comforts Gunja Khatun, who is worried about her brother Muhammad, saying, “Please don’t cry.

Kurulus Osman Episode 138 English Subtitles

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